This hands-on programme is backed by the latest evidence-based teaching research. You’ll learn the theory of what makes a good teacher and put this learning into practice with your peers and mentor in the classroom. At every step, you will be supported by experts from your programme.

Each week, you’ll cover a module from one of these five programme strands

  1. Behaviour: How you can create calm, safe and purposeful places of learning where all children and young people can achieve.
  2. Instruction: How you can support all children and young people to learn in the classroom – from thinking about how you present information, to helping them learn independently in lessons.
  3. Curriculum: How you can design lessons and curricula that help children and young people to learn new and more complex ideas over time.
  4. Assessment: How you can better understand the impact your teaching is having and how to respond when your pupils struggle.
  5. Professionalism: Looking at what it is to be a teacher and how to prepare for your professional career.

Each module starts by introducing you to the ideas and theories underpinning the practice. You will then learn, step-by-step, how to apply these ideas in your own classroom. Your tutors and mentor will make sure you have plenty of opportunities to see great teaching in action and understand the key learning before you put it into practice yourself.

We have designed the curriculum so that you:

• Focus intensely on areas of teaching we know can be complex and difficult to master

• Tackle areas, like pupil behaviour, right from the beginning of your training

• Revisit all your learning over time so that you keep improving.