SCITT Chronicle Sept/Oct 2020

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter for 2020/21.

We are delighted to confirm that all trainees from the 2019/20 cohort successfully met the Teachers’ Standards and were recommended for QTS as planned. We are incredibly proud of how they handled the lockdown, how they continued on programme and supported their schools, and how they have settled in as newly qualified teachers in their new roles.

We wish them lots of success this year and remember…. the SCITT Aftercare Service is here to bridge that transition. Keep in touch team!

September 2020

This year we have almost 50 trainees on programme!

All trainees have successfully started their placements across our partnership.

A huge thank you to our partner schools for supporting our new recruits.

During induction, the primary team had the chance to experience the benefits of outdoor learning through a local forest school. It aims to develop positive relationships amongst peers and establish a culture of support amongst them and the programme leaders.

They also begin to understand what forest schools are, their purpose and how they can accommodate the needs of different learners in their classroom. Our primary programme is delivered by the wonderful Dina and Greg from Breck Primary School.

You can contact them on for more information or to get involved.


All SCITT trainees have had their initial session with our Life Coach, Roy Blake. Wellbeing sits at the very heart of our SCITT curriculum and we will continue to underpin all sessions with an emphasis on keeping ourselves healthy and happy!

We have placed a real emphasis on our safeguarding and child protection training throughout September, and we are developing our curriculum to suit both our new recruits and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to teach during the pandemic.

For instance, we have linked with Blackpool Better Start and other local organisations to introduce Trauma Training to our curriculum offer this year.  A huge thank you to Jane Leigh at St Mary’s Catholic Academy for helping us with that!

Magical mentoring

We have an army of Magical Mentors supporting and coaching our new teachers again this year! A huge welcome to those new mentors who are joining the SCITT for the first time. Lots of mentor training has been delivered via videos and online systems, and we cannot wait to receive the nominations for Magical Mentor at October half term!

that the secondary trainees have relocated to Armfield Academy?

On Monday 7th September, the secondary trainees moved into the
top floor of Armfield Academy’s primary school building.  We are incredibly grateful to Principal Mark Kilmurray and Primary Headteacher Jenny McKinnon for providing this space for us and making us feel so welcome.

Thank you